The “Bad” and the “Good”

I have never been much of a church goer, such an act is so far beyond my character that many friends and colleagues found humor in my attendance at a place of worship this sunday morning. A brass quintet that I take part in was hired to play there communion service. After a grueling hour long commute, the entire five-piece ensemble (myself included) was very skeptical of ourselves for our fear of producing a low quality performance. Our skepticism had nothing to do with personal skill level, but was actually fueled by a lack of what we considered high quality arrangements and a desire for rehearsal time after a long summer apart. In spite of our negative digressions, to the ensembles surprise we produced and excellent performance hearing nothing but good things from the entire congregation after the service.

How could it be that a performance, so destined to fail, became successful?

I thought afterward, although we deemed our versions of the music to be inadequate, as adept and efficient musicians, we subliminally accepted that we have to sell this product and make the best of it. With the proper (more optimistic) mindset we managed to perform with a more intense level musicality to the point where we actually began to enjoy playing our priorly received “bad” arrangements.

As a group we learned that there is no “bad” music, what makes something “bad” is a persons lack of enthusiasm or willingness to operate at their full potential simply because they don’t see themselves enjoying it.

Next time you claim something to be “bad” in all aspects of life, consider a change in attitude, and you just might enjoy yourself more than you thought possible.


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