Situational Etiquette

Again, this past weekend I had participated in a great many performances. Of them all one stands out among the rest that took place at a pub in the late evening of saturday. What makes this venue stand out in my mind was a particular audience member that felt the need to “heckle” the band. She had obviously had a few too many and was not reserving herself by continually trying to tell us as a band what we should be doing using very “colorful” vocabulary.

Now that I reflect on the event that transpired two days ago, I began to think of that rude woman from the pub, reflecting further caused me to wonder why she thought her disregard of “concert etiquette” was reasonable or justified (and no, being drunk is a poor excuse).

Fact of the matter is, whether it’s a performance at symphony hall or a pub in a small town, we’re people that have elected to take time out of our busy lives to entertain you for an evening with minimal monetary compensation. Many say concert etiquette is in respect of fellow audience members who also would like to enjoy the performance, I say its more important appreciate what the ensemble members have sacrificed for our sake by being as respectful and courteous towards the performers as you can be.


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