A Cool/Sentimental Peice

I’m sure the 2011 Japan earthquake is not fresh news to anyone who may be reading. But many people don’t know about the project, “A Song for Japan.”

A Song for Japan was started with the intent on raising awareness, or as put by the group leaders, “sending our prayers” for those misfortunate enough to lose friends and family during this tragic event.

You can read more on the specifics here

Long story short, a beautiful composition was made for trombone that can be played as a solo, duet, trio, quartet or even octet. Although the piece was originally just for trombones, there are multiple versions ranging from brass ensemble to woodwind quintet to even symphonic wind band and big band. All downloadable for free!

So maybe if anyone out there was looking for some interesting music to play with a group or even in your own classroom, try giving this a listen.

Heres the official video: